Albeit a small island, with a coastline measuring seven kilometers and a land area totaling 10.32 square kilometers, Boracay’s beauty is still so much to drink in. Boracay’s coastline of unparalleled powdery white beaches is one of the main tourist attractions in the Philippines. Boracay is divided into three main barangays, Yapak in the north, Bolabog in the middle, and Manoc-Manoc in the south. The main beach, or “White Beach”, is along the Bolabog coastline, dotted with a growing number of hotels, resorts, inns and dining options to accommodate the growing amount of tourists that continue to flock to the island.For travelers who would rather shy away from the main beach crowd, the Bulabog beach, located opposite the White Beach, is also an attraction, especially for water sports activities. Kite boarding is the main sport, especially during the season of Amihan, where the winds are stronger on this side of the island. Yapak, found on the northernmost part of the island, is one of the quieter areas in Boracay, where the beaches of Puka, Punta Bunga and Banyugan can be found. Luxury hotels and resorts that offer a quiet sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle crowd of the main beach is the primary attraction. Activities abound on the island, with various water sports that keep tourists entertained. Island-hopping, cliff-diving, para-sailing are only some of the best-sellers. Boracay’s night scene is also one of the main focal points for the island, making it a must for the social-loving scene. Various nightclubs can be found along the beach, brimming to life as soon as the sun sets on the island.