The province of Bohol is located in the Central Visayas region; an island that has a coastline of more than 260 kilometers long, with a number of other islets around it. Bohol is surrounded by neighboring provinces of Cebu, Leyte, and the region of Mindanao.With a land area amassing more than 1,500 square miles, Bohol is considered to be the tenth largest island in the Philippines, with Tagbilaran City as the province’s main capital. The province of Bohol is a prime tourist destination in the country, where tourists go to view the famous Chocolate Hills and the indigenous tarsier, the second smallest primate in the world that is known for its distinctively large eyes. The Chocolate Hills, nicknamed because of the brown color it takes on during summer, is one of the Philippines’ major attractions.Bohol also houses some of the country’s premier beaches and luxury accommodations. Panglao island is the main tourist destination, where white sandy beaches dot the island coast. The fine white sands are often compared to the luxe beaches of Boracay. Other islets surrounding the main land also has untouched and pristine beaches. Another tourist attraction in Bohol is the Loboc River, one of the four main rivers that run through the province. A river cruise along Loboc is a must for tourists, offering packages that include meals and entertainment throughout.